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David Whiting bio profile

David is the principal lawyer at Whiting Lawyers and one of Melbourne’s best-known lawyers. With a weekly stint on the radio, he has shared his deep legal knowledge and helped Victorians understand the law.

David established Whiting Lawyers in 2016, off the back of decades of experience at a range of prestigious firms, including Director at Donaldson Trumble and Principal at Stedman Cameron.

David works in many areas of the law and acts as well-informed counsellor to his clients, giving advice and assistance on big decisions and stressful problems. He sees his job as solving the full range of clients’ problems, both business and personal. He strongly believes that not only must his advice be right, it must be right for the client.

Actively avoiding specialisation, David is a generalist. His expertise covers a range of legal areas, including property, wills and estates, powers of attorney, trade practices, trusts and tax. And he can refer you to a network of trusted lawyers to help with the areas in which he does not practice.

His property clients include developers, both building and land developers, buyers and sellers of property and landlords and tenants.

In the area of wills and probate, he prepares wills and powers of attorney and administers them. Where necessary, he makes or defends claims against them.

He has worked with clients as their attorney and later as their executor.

David has also given legal and non-legal help to several not-for-profit organisations, including the National Heart Foundation. He is Vice Chair on a school board, has served as a committee chair at the Law Institute of Victoria and has been a member of Rotary since 1983.

David is best known to Victorians for his legal advice and commentary with Jon Faine and now Virginia Trioli’s radio program. You can find transcripts of his radio broadcasts or programs here.

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