Whiting Williams

Extending your independence


We look after you when you need looking after.

David and Marie Whiting established Whiting Williams to help clients of all ages, especially older people (and their loved ones) manage their personal and legal affairs.

As a lawyer and a former nurse, we are uniquely placed to support you in your time of need. Think of us as a traditional law firm providing a full service to our clients.

We draw on our respective knowledge to provide you with access to services that will allow you stay in your home longer. And we will advocate for you when needed.

When a health crisis happens and you need to go to hospital we will come to your bedside. Or when it’s time to declutter and sell your home and transition to care, Whiting Williams can help with all the arrangements, including managing your legal personal and financial affairs.

We encourage you to continue your interests and hobbies. We arrange outings - going to the cinema, the ballet or the football. You will always have new news to share with your friends at dinner.

We are happy to work with your lawyers, attorneys, accountants, financial planners and of course, your family (or loved ones).

As for end of life care, when requested we can act as the executor of your will, giving you peace of mind that your final wishes will be respected and that your dignity will remain intact.

Whiting Williams is a bespoke service – we will do what you need us to do to make your life easier and more independent.

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