Since 1992 David has been helping people make sense of the legal work with advice and commentary to listeners of ABC Radio Melbourne.

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24 04 2018 Margaret in Ringwood – Improvement costs to a life tenancy property – On Air with Jon Faine

My husband died 21 years ago. We held the property as joint proprietors for our life, then it went to tenants in common upon the death of my husband and I have a life tenancy over his share.

24 04 2018 Marianne in Taylors Lake – Access to a neighbour’s property to check your phone line – On Air with Jon Faine

I’m just calling regarding denial of access. I have been refused, for myself and my telecommunications technician to check the integrity of a phone line or phone cord, that services landline and internet, and that runs on the side of a brick wall that is situated on a property line.

24 04 2018 David in Mt Waverley – Amending a title to match surveying – On Air with Jon Faine

I’m really ringing up on behalf of my son who bought an inner city property three to four years ago. He’s had plans approved for an extension and in the process, he’s had the land surveyor come out.

24 04 2018 Tanya in Heidelberg – Faulty automobile parts – On Air with Jon Faine

I’ve got a consumers’ rights question. We bought a car in 2011 and, just before the warranty expired in June 2014, we noticed that there was something wrong with the condenser.

24 04 2018 Morris in Bacchus Marsh – Getting your property back from a neighbour – On Air with Jon Faine

A few years ago, a mate of mine said we could leave some farm machines on his property as long as we helped him around the farm with what he wanted to do.

24 04 2018 Hans in Somerville – Auctions – On Air with Jon Faine

When I advertise a property – between 720 and 790 let’s say – they started the auction and nobody is bidding, then the auctioneer says I’m bidding for the vendor, 720.

24 04 2018 Introduction – On Air with Jon Faine

The Royal Commission is the gift that keeps on giving at the moment and some of the conduct of lawyers – before the Royal Commission into bank and AMP and other financial institutions – is now coming under scrutiny as well.

17 04 2018 Harry in Shoreham – Driving rights when prescribed opiates – On Air with Paul

I had several spinal surgeries and as a result I’m an OxyContin user, legally, and I take a nerve suppressant. I’ve been doing it for ten years.

17 04 2018 John – Airlines and personal information – On Air with Paul

One passenger and I mistook each other’s check in luggage. So in order for him to reach me to get his luggage back he got all my personal information from the airline: my passport number, my date of birth, even my picture. In order to reach me, he published all the information on the website.

17 04 2018 Elizabeth in Brunswick – Tenants open for inspection rights – On Air with Paul

I rang last week about my friend who was in a townhouse where he was getting many inspections at the beginning of his lease. Following your advice, David, last week he started to negotiate with the estate agents and then later on in the week, I won’t go into the details of that, but some of the things like getting lists of names of who was coming to visit.

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